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Request made by (community name)
Rivers Edge

Date of request:
December 18, 2019

The question asked of the members:
The Rivers Edge Long Range Planning Committee is beginning a strategic planning process.  We have some experience with doing planning for large organizations; including the mission statement, environmental scan, vision statement, gap analysis, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), buy-in from stakeholders, etc.  These plans can get out of hand.  Furthermore, it
is often the case that plans are produced and then not really used. Have other POAs undertaken a strategic planning process?  If so, could you share your reports or observations with Rivers Edge and other ABCPOA members?  We would welcome ideas you might have on ensuring that the planning timeline is short, keeping the report concise, and developing an ongoing tactical process for implementation.

Number of communities responding:

Principle findings: (summary)
There was strong support for the concept of planning. Almost all of the respondents identified ways to connect major new expenditures to community input. None of the respondents reported the need or desire for a more formal plan with the development of mission and vision statements: How have we changed over the past decade or so? What could and should we be? How can stakeholders be brought in to analyze and define our vision for the future?

Submitted by:
John Folkins, Chair
Strategic Planning Subcommittee of the
Rivers Edge Long Range Planning Committee

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