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Alliance of Brunswick County
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The Alliance of Brunswick County Property Owners Association, ABCPOA, is a non-partisan organization comprised of twenty-two Brunswick County property/home owner associations united by an interest in common issues. It was formed in early 2000. The ABCPOA is dedicated to protecting homeowner rights and property values while assuring safe neighborhoods and advancing an ever improving quality of life for all residents of Brunswick County. The Alliance serves as a forum for informational exchange among members and cooperates with like-minded organizations. It is “issues driven” and represents its members by developing and presenting positions regarding issues that are critical to the further development of Brunswick County, monitoring governmental officials’ positions and actions, and reporting results to the members. 

The Association’s By-Laws state the goals of the ABCPOA: 

 A. Providing a mechanism whereby Member’s common interests are served through united communications, advocacy, public relations and non-partisan political action; 

B. Providing a means of monitoring and evaluating the policies and the legislative,   regulatory, and administrative actions of state, regional, county, and local government bodies which may impact property values, safety, health, and quality of life in Brunswick County; and 

C. Actively promoting and encouraging all levels of government action that enhance property values, safety, health and quality of life of members’ residents and others within the geographical scope of the Alliance.  Actively promoting and encouraging policies & practices among member groups that enhance property values, safety, health and quality of life of members’ residents and others within the geographical scope of the Alliance. 

D.Serving as a resources for governmental entities on proposed or needed legislative/administrative actions that impact property values, safety, health and quality of life of ABCPOA members. 


The ABCPOA is governed by a Board of Directors with one Director representing each of the member property/ homeowner associations.  An Executive Committee elected by the Board of Directors provides organizational structure. 

 Essential functions of the ABCPOA are met through the following Committees: 

  • Planning, Zoning and Commissioners 
  • Legislative Action/CAI 
  • Environment 
  • Transportation 
  • Insurance 
  • Fire and Safety 
  • Web and telecommunications


 Association Member Support:  

 Through its Forum the ABCPOA provides opportunities for members in a workshop environment to become aware of general operational matters from guest speakers on such issues as legal representation, insurance, storm water management, etc. A major focus of the ABCPOA is to provide member support and encourage dialogue on issues affecting our respective Associations. Through the interaction of Member Associations during meetings and via electronic communications a vibrant network for interclub dialogue provides the opportunity to inquire about current practices, issues and concerns among all active members. 


The ABCPOA currently includes in its membership twenty-six property/homeowner associations constituting significant portion of the population south-western Brunswick County. While the ABCPOA is a non-partisan organization its ability to meet its stated purpose of “Actively promoting and encouraging all levels of government action that enhance property values, safety, health and quality of life of members’…” is enhanced by the active engagement of its member associations and resident population. 

 On behalf of the ABCPOA I welcome you to our website and encourage any community leaders 

who are interested in having your HOA/POA becoming a member please contact us here. 


Gene Vasile

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